Behind The Scenes: May Update

Second in our series of Behind The Scenes: Monthly Updates. Today you get to meet the Cutting Team, namely Simon and Jesse. Yes they do banter like this during the day…!

Dave: G’day, Dave here from BOgear, and I’ve ducked back in to the Brisbane studio and am shooting a Behind The Scenes showcase of what has been going on over the past month. I have with me – and they are nervous so go easy on them – Simon in the middle, and Jesse on the left. Jesse is “the new guy” even though he has been with us for over a year and a half. So he is technically the “new old guy”.

Jesse: You need to hire someone else so I can get rid of the name

Dave: And Simon has been working here for 4 years.

Simon: 7 years.

Dave: 7 years? No, 4 years…

Simon: 7 years. Since I was 13! I am now 20…

Dave: Well, he has been working with us for a while. Simon is actually my brother. Not many people know that, but Simon is my brother which is why he was working with us before he was legally allowed. Don’t chase me IRS. No… whats that one…? Legal…?

Simon: NSA?

Dave: The legal worker one… Work health safety people.

Simon: Worksafe?

Dave: Okay, behind the scenes. So what we have been up to… I’ve got a long list of notes because I forget stuff. So… Jesse. Jesse and Simon are both part of the Cutting Team. They’ve been doing a bit of back and forth with customer emails, so when you chuck an order in online, they are the ones who communicate with you, cut stuff out, design the colours (if you choose WTF), and then get the orders rolling through the studio. Jesse is also an Industrial Designer so he has started to take on some of the pattern making roles and has been experimenting with pouches.

Jesse: Pouches, briefcases, cool things…

Dave: Definitely! So all these little pouches. This isn’t one of Jesse’s, but these sort of things – small zippered pouches. This is what Jesse has been experimenting with. In fact Jesse has his first one that he has designed, cut out and is going to start sewing in the next couple of days to test… and put him through the ringer! But this is what Jesse is doing, small pouches like this CellBlock S which we are going to release shortly.

And then Simon… Simon is also doing on the side Fused Goods. Do you want to talk about it Simon?

Simon: Last year I broke a wallet that I had for a long time, and since I was working here, decided that I would make something out of Canvas or Cordura and it would last me a while. I really got hooked on wallet making, and evolved to using leather, now focussing on doing Kangaroo Leather Wallets..

Dave: So these are laser cut, laser etched, and hand stitched…

Simon: Yeah, laser cut, laser etched, hand stitched, strong and super-duper slim. When they are empty they are 4mm at absolute thickest.

Dave: So these are now up online. Simon has been selling these on the BOgear site, launched it through BOgear but can now be found at Simon is not just doing wallets, he is also doing keyrings with other items on the way.

Simon: Yes, we have one wallet at the moment in four different colours, but there are a couple more designs that I am working on which will be released soon.

Dave: Okay, enough about Simon… he is going to steal all the limelight… ;)

Simon: I wasn’t nervous.

Dave: Okay, last time I shot a Behind The Scenes video we discussed the Medic Pack that we’ve been working on, we talked about the flip board. The Medic Pack we have finished our first round of samples and production, they are out there, they are being used and being tested, and will be up online. There is also another video explaining all the features.

We have also been working on the Flip Board, which is customisable to your needs; one side can be Loop, or Mesh pocket, or a version with Elastic loops.

And again, more pouches. This is a Medic Pouch, and we are also doing an EDC / Digital Nomad version. This will feature mesh pocket on one side, and elastic loops on the other. The EDC version will have another slip pocket behind.

Pre-Built PVC Duffles are on sale. Basically we have a tonne of PVC that is underneath the table right now and we have too much, our bins are over flowing. So we are building a pile of unlined duffles, weatherproof and PVC, so help us get rid of the excess stock.

Jesse: We seriously have so much. Bin’s full!

Dave: So there are multiple colours, lots of different options and it is only for the pre-built PVC, not the custom due to the extra work associated. That’s running until the end of May. Edit: It took me so long to edit the video that I have extended the sale! Now until mid-July.

The other thing we are starting to do is run down the stock of colours and Cordura and 1000D nylon that we have on hand. Back when Simon first started we had 5 bright, 5 dark and 5 camo options. We had so many options, and in full rolls. It not only got very expensive for us to keep that stock on hand, but in addition makes it very hard to choose a design or colour when there are 15 different exterior colours, 10 different webbing colours, 20 different bartack colours, 5 lining colours and so forth. So what we are doing is reducing down to the most popular colours and then start rotating through an exclusive limited edition colour. What I am getting at is if there is a colour on our site that you really like, get in quick as there is a high chance it is going to be rolling and disappearing out the door and it might not come back in stock at least for a little while.

Simon: At the moment we’ve got 3 dark colours, 2 bright, and 4 camos.

Dave: So we are going to roll it down to 1 camo, 2 darks, and 1 bright and then an exclusive colour or limited edition colour rolling through. This will make it a heck of a lot easier to choose colours on your pack. And on that note I’ll be shooting a video tomorrow…

Simon: Tomorrow as in when the video gets released, or tomorrow as in next day?

Dave: These guys know me so well… The problem is… Okay… Anyway! I’ll shoot that one tomorrow

Simon & Jesse: *chuckles*

Dave: and basically explain how to choose a design colour wise. Explaining what exterior colours to mix with webbing colours mix with bartacks, so on and so forth. What these guys do (the Cutting Team), I am going to try and package up into a little video so you can do it if you want to design it yourself.

Next topic, awesome customers designs! This fabric is a heat sensitive fabric. Our customer has gone absolutely nuts and has designed probably the coolest bag that we have worked on

Jesse: Yeah, its the most customised bag without changing the specs or size. Everything that can be chanced has been changed.

Dave: Absolutely, so the lining is heat sensitive so it will change colour based upon the heat. Thats the lining on the inside. And then the middle is…

Jesse: Kevlar.

Dave: Kevlar in the middle so it is slash proof. On the outside is the patchwork Dark & Some Camo. So this bag is going to look absolutely amazing. Attention to detail on the outside, attention to detail on the inside, even attention to detail in the middle which you cannot see. What is really impressive about this build is the client has bought a tonne of Cobra buckles. In fact there is no plastic buckles on the entire bag. We don’t normally do this, but we even substituted out the buckles and put Cobra buckles on the shoulder straps. Every single buckle is Cobra branded; so this is definitely the most well thought out customised bag that we have ever worked on and we are really stoked and wanted to show you the level of detail that he went to. When it is finished, we will definitely be photographing the heck out of it!

So that is about it… Hah! Jesse is too busy having fun playing with the heat sensitive fabric.

Jesse: I’ve been playing with this for like the last month…

Dave: We’ve got a tonne of samples of different colours…

Jesse: They’ve been in the fridge!

Dave: Thanks for supporting us, thanks for following. I’ll keep you updated. Next time I am back in Brisbane I’ll shoot another Behind The Scenes video and these two clowns will be with me!

Simon: Yaaay!

Dave: Cheers.

Simon: Sayonara… You’re not going to say goodbye??

Jesse: Nuh…!

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