Sternum Strap is here

You’ve been asking for a simple sternum strap upgrade for our backpacks. You’ve also been waiting patiently… The wait is over, we now have a sternum strap for all our backpacks, which is designed to increase your carry comfort. Check it out!

Dave here from BOgear, and this is our sternum strap upgrade. It attaches to your two shoulder straps and pulls them closer together to reduce fatigue across your shoulders. It does this by adjusting the angle of your shoulder strap where it attaches to your bag, and where it comes into contact with your shoulders. In addition to that it also stops the shoulder straps from popping off your shoulders or making it feel like the bag is pulling you back.  This upgrade is particularly useful when you are walking or hiking with your bag as it makes a big difference to comfort.

What is really cool about this sternum strap is it is completely removable; it has two slide buckles which enable you to completely remove it from your shoulder strap or adjust its location and height on the shoulder strap. Unlike other bag brand sternum straps, ours does not attach via a sliding system. This means it won’t slide up during use and choke you at inopportune moments (when is an opportune moment to get choked anyway??). It will not choke you as it is physically held in the shoulder strap clipping pockets. As a side, want to learn more about our backpack shoulder strap design?

If you do want to be a little bit cheeky you can attach this shoulder strap to other bag brands or in addition to that you can use it on our Dufflay in order to use the duffle bag as a backpack.


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