External Pleated Pockets

Ever wondered why we have an external pleated pocket on our backpacks and larger messenger bags? What are the advantages of a pleated pocket versus a flat pocket, and why on the outside of a bag? Check out the video below which discusses the reasoning behind!

An external pleated pocket can be found on both our Sindrome and Elephantitus messenger bags (the large messenger bags), or on our flap style backpack range, being the Chunky Toad, or Shrinkage.

What is this pleated pocket you talk of?

Dave here from BOgear and I thought I would show you a feature we’ve got on our larger messenger bags, the Sindrome and the Elephantitus, as well as on backpacks the Shrinkage, and the Chunky Toad. This feature is the pleated pocket found on the front panel.

Pleated pocket evolution (it is it’s own species now… #fact)

The reason we have a pleated pocket on a lot of our bags is it is a style that has transferred originally from the working messenger bag, the Elephantitus. We noticed that couriers like to carry a lot of stuff with them including personal items like phones and sunglasses. And they didn’t want to put these items inside the main tub of their bag because that’s where they put “working” boxes and files that they put in and out, and they didn’t want anything to snag, which would reduce their working speed. So we worked on a pocketing system on the outside, and found that the best way to create a pocketing system that could be loaded up, while also carrying a fair bit, was to make it a pleated pocket.

Advantages of the pleated pocket

The advantage of this is it pleats and expands away from the bag, so you can put a lot in it and it is not going to create a round section that digs into the volume of the main tub. This means you could put two or three phone books in the pleated pocket, and it will expand away from the bag while not reducing the main tub capacity. It holds a lot on its own, but because the panel shared by the pocket and the main tub still has a flat back you can get boxes in and out easily (of the main tub). This same idea transfers on a smaller scale to the backpacks.

Other advantages of the pleated pocket

The other major advantage of the pleated pocket is that you can put your fragile items in it and know that it is safe. For example, sunglasses break quite easily, so you wouldn’t want to put it in the main tub of your bag, because it could fall to the bottom and get crushed, or the bag will wrap around it and break them. So by putting the pleated pocket on the outside, it expands away from the bag, and subsequently your fragile items don’t get damaged. Even if the main tub of the bag is completely full, and it is cinched tight, the bag won’t compress the pleated pocket or the sunglasses inside.

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