Have you seen the rear internal pleated pocket on our backpacks? Ever considered why they are here? Watch our video below showing this feature, and how to use it to your advantage making for a more comfortable carry!

Hey, it’s Dave here from BOgear and I thought I would take the time to show one of the design features that we have put in our backpacks. What I am referring to is the internal pleated pocket found on the back wall of our backpacks. This pocket is incredibly useful for segregating things from the main tub of your bag, such as dirty clothes from clean clothes. Because it pleats out and expands away from your back you can put a lot of stuff in there, almost the same volume as what you put in the main tub compartment.

Why pleated pockets trump flat style pockets

The biggest problem with other backpacks that have pockets on the back wall that aren’t pleated is that if you put something big in (like a bike bag) it ends up creating a barrel around your back. Essentially it rounds out your back and makes you feel like you are wearing a barrel, and it is really, really uncomfortable.

Advantages of pleated style pockets

The reason we have this pleat – apart from being able to fit a lot of stuff in there, or being able to segregate stuff – is also to put big items in knowing that it expands away so you still have a completely flat back pad. Essentially a pleated pocket ensures your bag is still very comfortable. When you actually put it on you have a flat back (not a barrel) and instead the internal volume is taken up by what is inside the pocket.

As you can see there are some big advantages to having a pleated pocket over a flat style pocket. I hope you enjoyed this explanation. If you have any other questions about features on our backpacks please let us know.

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