Australian Made Backpacks

You might have noticed a new logo appearing on some of our photographs; The genuine Australian Made Campaign logo. Its official, we are now proud to be part of the Australian Made Campaign!

Australian Made black-white logo
This is something we are incredibly proud of as it is something we have been doing since day dot. Keeping up with custom needs and requirements, rather than big batch production means it is possible to manufacture in Australia using a highly skilled team. Where in Australia? All our products are proudly made in our Springwood, QLD studio. Component wise we use a mix of Australian Made and locally sourced materials, as well as materials produced overseas. The important bit however is taking these raw materials and turning them into gear built to be Dirtified! (Kind of beside the point, but this is all done in our 100% Green Energy powered studio).

At this stage we have only certified a few products, but keep an eye out as we roll out all other products over the coming weeks. Rest assured, even if it doesn’t carry the Australian Made logo, it is on its way to being certified!

The following products are already certified:
Spare Camel Backpack, BullPup Backpack, Dufflay, CX Duffle, Chunky Toad Backpack!Maroon-Wax-Canvas-Camel-Pack

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