ABAGHabit Review: Spare Camel

Wow! ABAGHabit have been using, abusing, and Dirtifying a Custom Spare Camel for a while now, and recently posted a review.

Multicam Black Camelpack

I am blown away by the honest and kind words, especially as this is a longer term test really getting to know the ins and outs of the bag. Have a read here.

The bag featured is a custom Spare Camel, complete with Multicam Black fabric. Full story can be found over on the review, but trust me… this bag is a BEAST!

ABAGHabit Multicam Black Spare Camel Pack

From the review:

“The Spare Camel suits the active lifestyle. Whether it is a hike in the mountains or the commute to and from work, it performs and looks the part. With the capacity to last a couple of days, it swallows your tech, your clothes, your books, and pretty much whatever you throw at it sans giant carton boxes.”

THANK YOU ABAGHabit! Again, you can check the review over at ABAGHabit!

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