2015 Top 5 Bags of the Year

It is that time of the year again where I sit back and reflect on all the awesome bags you guys have designed and we have built. Many ridiculously sweet combos have come off our tables, so much so that I had trouble condensing them down to my top 5. But I somehow managed to do it… 

Lets start with my top 4 favourites, and finish with the Bag Of The Year. In no particular order (they all rock!)…

BullPup Backpack Pantone 199cThis Red BullPup is oh so Red! Red on Red on Red! If we had the option for Red shoulder straps and Red buckles I am confident the customer would have grabbed it! The buckles however were custom sourced Cobra Fashion, and round the pack of nicely. These are metal and add a touch of class and finesse! Love it Bernard, well put together!

Classy Camelpack Backpack

Glenn’s Spare Camel was put together very late in the year (just scraped in before Xmas) so although super fresh in my mind, it stands out because of its beautiful use of two tones and one colour. The Black and Grey just tie together with the Burnt Orange so nicely. It was a bit of a gamble to use a “Peach” coloured bartack but when it is beside the Burnt Orange gains a more Orange look and ties everything in. The Grey Paracord and Fluoro Orange interior are the icing on the cake.

WTF Camo Camelpack GoRuck alternativeI love camo at the best of times. Heck most of my first samples and prototypes have been in a camo. However there are sometimes where camo alone is too much, and you have to mix it with other colours to “civilianise” it. This is one of those times where it looks simply amazing. Robb is also a photographer who travels to some amazing places… needless to say this beast of a pack has really seen Australia. Check it out:

GoRuck Alternative BOgear BackpackBOgear 30L Camelpack Backpack

Most of my favourite bags so far have been backpacks… this next one however is a very clean Dufflay…

Wax Canvas Duffle

I kinda cheated on this one. It isn’t really one single bag, but a matching set inspired around a BMX frame. But in the interests of playing by the rules, the above Dufflay is what stands out in my mind. A beautiful mix of Black, Dark Grey and Light Grey Waxed Canvas, Matching together with Dark Grey and Red Clipping Webbing. It not only looks amazing, but will age oh so gracefully! Very very nice Ben! And getting back to the aforementioned BMX being the inspiration, check it out…

BMX Inspiration Matchy Matchy Backpack Set

Four really amazing bags, but only one gets Bag Of The Year in my mind. The Forge Co’s Frontline Pack is it, which is built right here in our humble little studio.

Forge-Co Firefighting Pack Navy

Only available direct from The Forge Co, it really isn’t a pack, but a carry system – follow the link to read up about how well designed it is! Designed for rural firefighters it is adaptable to multiple load configurations, including stashing a chainsaw or other bulky/long items between pack sections. Consisting of a Hydration section, a Cargo compartment, a Dump pouch, removable shoulder straps and hip belt it can carry approximately 25L of gear. It can even be worn on top of your brush cutter harness without the need for the hipbelt or shoulder straps (it clips in place).

I’ve also heard it makes a fantastic trail building pack for all you MTB fanatics! And if Navy/Orange isn’t your cup of tea it also comes in Stealth Ninja Black. Honestly, it is a very well thought out design and kudos to Michael at Forge for pushing his idea into reality. I’m proud of our manufacturing capabilities, and am stoked to have built this bag for Forge Co!

So there you have my top 5 bags of 2015. Feel free to leave a comment below about what yours were. Honestly there were TONNES of awesome bags, including an influx of WTF and “Rainbow Packs”… It really was quite hard for me to narrow them down.

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