Backpack Hip Belt Lite

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A light weight version of our super popular hip belt. Stop your backpack shifting on your back.

Hipbelts are a very popular upgrade for our packs as they make the pack comfier when carrying heavy, bulky, or irregular loads. However sometimes such support isn't needed and instead a simple belt to stop the bag shifting is all that is required. Our hipbelt lite is just the ticket. It gives an extra point of contact with your body to stop your pack shifting while actively moving.

Hipbelt lite fits all our backpacks, including the BullPup!


Our hipbelt lite is removable, and constructed from 25mm Australian Made webbing. Featuring a dual pull buckle you can run the buckle to one side, or in the centre depending on your preference. Ends of the webbing feature a wrapping system, so you can roll them up, or reattach them to itself to stop annoying dangle. The belt is ridiculously simple, yet with the extra point of contact decreases the likelihood of your backpack shifting while you are moving.

Easily removed when not needed.


Buckles: 25mm
Webbing: 25mm Australian made polyester

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