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Probably the best upgrade for our backpacks! Carry more weight and bulk more comfortably!

In the world of backpacks, carrying capacity is one of those things where size does indeed matter.

A bigger backpack will obviously carry more; but will it be as comfortable? This is where our hipbelt comes into play! It is designed to transfer weight from your shoulders on to your hips giving a much more comfortable carry both on and off the bike. Although in a league of its own with heavier loads, the hipbelt also increases carry comfort with lighter and smaller loads. We highly recommend it as a standard upgrade!

This hipbelt fits the following backpacks: Chunky Toad, Shrinkage, Spare Camel.


Our hipbelt is ultra wide which gives a broader "hug" around your hips and lower back. This bigger surface area increases comfort no matter what weight is inside your bag, while also decreasing the likelihood of backpack sway while riding. Despite this broad width, the cut allows a full range of cycling motion, and will not dig into your thighs while pedaling.

Dual D-lock holsters are on both hips, and are designed not to get in the way of cycling motion. We doubt you would ever carry two D-locks at once, so use one side to attach zippered pouches or phone holsters. On the centre backside of the belt are two strips of clipping webbing. These allow you to run the belt separately from the backpack, clipping on some pouches and creating a very heavy duty hip pouch!

The belt features 5mm high density EVA foam, lined with 500D Cordura or 2mm airmesh which will not compress out under even the heaviest of loads. Easily removed and hand washable.


Outer: 1000D Cordura, a highly abrasion resistant material perfect for hugging your hips
Liner (the bit which touches your skin): 500D Cordura, still highly abrasion resistant, but less abrasive on your clothes, or 2mm airmesh.
Foam: 5mm EVA foam
Buckles: 25mm
Webbing: 50mm & 25mm polyester

Phil, 24/10/14
Just letting you know that this is awesome on a motorbike. It puts all the weight on your hips and un weights your shoulders. This makes a gap so wind can pour down your back. So much cooler now. :)
├ůsa, 6/03/14
Tried it on the Spare Camel backpack, which felt very comfortable. Especially with the hip-belt. It literally lifts the bag off your back, and onto your hips. This is how all hip-belts should be designed! Many are just a strap that doesn't really work, but not in BOGear's case Their hip-belt is the best!

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