A bike commuter's dry dream backpack

UPDATE: This bag is in pre-order stage! Interested? Get one here.

So the title of this page sounds a little stupid right? I mean, a "dry dream" backpack? Shouldn't it read "A bike commuter's wet dream backpack"? Well technically, yes... but no self respecting bike commuter really wants a wet ride regardless of the sexual connotations (get your mind out of the gutter). Nothing sucks more than chafe from a wet ride to work. Which is why we wanted it to be a dry wet dream, but without the wet...

Did you say win?
Dave here from BOgear, and this is a new bag that we have been working on, which is a zippered bike commuter backpack. What is particularly awesome about this is you guys have a chance to win it, but more about that later.

What is this bike commuter backpack you speak of?
This bag is legal carry on size for an airplane; you can definitely carry it onboard with you. It is basically a suitcase style bag in that it peels open to give you a big opening area. We’ve designed it mainly with a bike commuter in mind, but with the added ability to travel on flights. We are still working on a couple of features, as this happens to be the first Abuser Team prototype.

The external features:
We’ve got clipping webbing on the front to allow the carrying of pouches, your bike bag and so forth. On the outside we also have a slip pocket for your D-lock, raincoat or drink bottle. Essentially this is useful for anything that you want to keep on the outside of your bag. Undo the clips to open it up and you can see it opens up suitcase style allowing access to a lot of stuff quick and easily.

The internal features:
If you have a look on the inside back wall we have our internal pleated pocket. This is a feature we have talked about before, so check out the video we’ve created and you will see why we love it so much.
On the front wall we have two pocket sections on top of each other. In front of these sections is a zippered pocket. This pleats out so you can put a lot of stuff in here and keep it sealed and safe and segregated. Behind this is another pocket roughly A5 sized. So each individual pocket section is actually comprised of two pockets; one being a zippered compartment, the other being a slip style pocket behind.
This particular bag is fully lined, however we are playing with the idea of not having it fully lined to help reduce weight.

Frame, straps & dimensions:
On the back of the bag you can see that we have exactly the same shoulder pads and back pad which is on all our backpacks being the Chunky Toad, the Shrinkage and the Skwirt. So if these backpacks are comfortable for you, you will know that this one will be comfy as well.  It also has the ability to take the upgraded hip belt. The back pad as standard has 10mm EVA foam and a HDPE frame sheet so stuff doesn’t stab you in the back.
Size wise, it happens to fit a carton of VB stubbies no questions asked (we only drink the classy stuff here!). Simply slots straight on in!
Measurement wise the backpack has a height of 540mm, a depth of 170mm, and a width of 300mm, which is roughly 27.5L in volume. So it is a medium to large size bag.

Now you’ve got a chance to win this bag. This is the first one, and we are giving it away to you guys.  All you need to do is sign up to our monthly mailing list below! By doing so, we promise to only send you the latest BOgear information including tips, tricks, and how to's; specials and deals; and be the first to know about new products (like this bad boy!).

Prize will be randomly drawn on Thursday 31st of January 2013, and the winner notified via the email provided. 



This competition is closed, and the draw held on the 31st January 2013.  Didn't win?  Don't despair! Its available now - click the button below!

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