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We manufacture hard wearing outdoor gear from our little design studio in Brisbane, Australia. Our gear is available online 24/7, or through a select group of stockists.
We believe in hard wearing gear, local communities, and the environment. But above all, we are here to have fun. We are also known as BO gear, and have the infamous "Dirtify Me" tag line.
If your mate who told you about us mumbles, or you were on the turps at the time, you may know of us as Brisbane Outdoor Gear, BOgear, bogear, Bee Oh Gear, Smell Gear, Body Odour Gear, Stench Gear, BNE Outdoor Gear, or perhaps even BOG (but that's just shit)!

We truly believe our Australian Made gear is the best money can buy, which is why we are keen to explain all our product features over on our Blog. We also believe that just because you buy something online doesn't mean you shouldn't get fantastic after sales service. Want to learn more about how to get the most out of your bag? Then don't hesitate to check out our help pages and videos. Don't believe us? Then feel free to peruse what others have been saying about us

Want to watch a day in our studio?

Not satisfied with this generic "about us" page? Then click through here to find a Q&A session with Dave Bell our founder, in Man & Machine magazine as to what motivated the creation of BOgear.


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